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Happy Painting!

Growing up and currently living in Waseca, MN, Denny Neidt has been interested in multiple forms of art since before he can remember. From music to photography and gardening to painting, there is not an un-artistic bone in his body. Having served in the Army during the Vietnam War as an official U.S. Army Illustrator, Denny also has a degree in graphic arts from South Central College. In September of 2014, after over 40 years in the printing industry, he retired from Corporate Graphics in North Mankato, MN and is now teaching more painting classes become a Certified Bob Ross Instructor in 2010 where he is encouraging Ross’ notion of “happy painting”.

After having discovered Bob Ross in the early nineties, Denny has learned how to paint Ross’ “Wet-on-wet technique”. This technique instructs painters how to quickly create oil paintings by using a method that breaks down the process into more easily mastered steps. You may remember seeing Bob Ross on PBS television with his fuzzy hair and quiet demeanor. He made painting look so easy that anyone could paint the picture. The Bob Ross organization is based in Florida but has more than 1,600 teachers across the US. In addition, there are many classes taught in different cities throughout the world.

Neidt has taught painting classes in Mankato for over a year. He has recently added an additional location for classes in Waseca. Both Mankato and Waseca classes are held on selected Saturdays each month beginning at 11am. He provides all supplies so the only thing the students need to bring is a willingness to learn. Students can come in without knowing anything about painting and then four or five hours later, take home their beautiful creation. The subjects for the paintings usually include nature scenes such as brightly colored trees, snow on mountains, stunning sunsets, warm tropical scenes and frozen lakebeds.

If you’ve ever wanted to try painting, this is a great opportunity. There is no pressure. Many skeptics will tell you that this is not “fine” art. Neidt says “They are right, this is not “fine” art. It is beginning painting that is designed to get people interested in the basics of putting paint on canvas.” Neidt says that when you paint, you are creating your own world. You are in charge.


Classes in Waseca will be held once a month and anyone from age 16 and over is welcome to sign up and attend class. Cost is $55 per class.
Neidt requests that you register in advance for the classes by calling 507-835-4515.

To see pictures of past and future paintings please visit our website at: www.neidtscapes.com or
Neidtscapes’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Neidtscapes


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