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“When’s the next class? I can’t wait to try this again.” – D.

“I had so much fun.” – B.

“What picture are we doing next.” – M.

“Thank you SO much.” – N.

“That type of landscape is what I like to draw and want to learn to paint.” - B.

“You are an AWESOME instructor!” – S.

“I really enjoyed the class!” – K.

“This was fun!” – R.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful class today. I appreciate you teaching me so patiently. I really enjoyed learning the art as well as meeting everyone in the class.
Looking forward to the next class.  -P.

"Hi Denny-
Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed yesterday's class. I know you spent a lot of extra time with us but it was much appreciated. We had fun, looking forward to another class."

This is Dennis doing a 7 year old Birthday party !!
Although this is not the typical age he teaches they all
had a blast and did a great job!!!!


Dennis Neidt * Dennis-at-neidtscapes.com * Waseca, MN